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Mission and Vision

The Buchanan County R-IV School District will provide a quality education in a safe learning environment.

Students at Buchanan County R-IV will grow as individuals having confidence to find their own purpose and become successful members of society through problem solving and independent thinking. In order to achieve this vision, we are committed as educators, students, the school district, and the community to these values:

  • Provide a welcome setting where students feel safe, both emotionally and physically
  • Dedicate ourselves to applying best instructional practices
  • Encourage, challenge and empower students
  • Ensure that all students experience success
  • Model and promote positive character traits
  • Create an engaging, learning environment where successes are celebrated
  • Collaborate as teams to implement our vision

Have a great summer!
DeKalb Co-Ed Softball Tournament
Saturday, June 13
DeKalb High School
702 Main St.
DeKalb, MO 64440
All proceeds are going to the DeKalb Middle/High School Softball Program. 
Contact Mr. Matthews for registration information at 816-262-5006.